On May 6, 2022, Direct Analysis inaugurated its arrival at Y.SPOT with the installation of the IMeBIO BSL-2 laboratory focused on the research and development of tests for the food industry. 

IMeBio is proud to continue contributing with its containerized plug-and-play solutions to new industries: Direct Analysis trusted us to develop and manufacture the right containerized environment to integrate their innovative solution for the extraction of DNA and RNA. Thanks to its microfluidic technology, they accelerate microorganisms’ detection in the food industry, passing from 20 hours within the standard methods to 6 hours.

We attended their inauguration on May 6th which allowed us to share with all the stakeholders a compact solution with an integrated technical room for the autonomy of its operation and a division of two areas (PCR Zone and BSL2 Lab Zone).

The project was handed over in less than 140 days.

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