Our history

Since 2008, IMeBIO continues to lead the way, its main objective is to provide top-quality modular/mobile biosafety and biocontainment solutions and develop an integrated network of services in France and worldwide.

We provide our solutions in the context of scientific research, medical-diagnostic analysis, industrial technical testing, or scientific and technical education and wherever a protected and clean-controlled environment is required.

Our Vision: To be the reference partner for custom-made modular and mobile solutions in terms of quality and services worldwide.

Our Mission: Work with consistency and perseverance to achieve our vision through:

  • Offering top-quality biosafety and containment solutions accredited by international standards
  • Providing continuous technology upgraded systems and services to all our business partners
  • Spread our best practices and know-how, whenever and wherever deemed useful or necessary

Our Values: IMeBIO tirelessly pursues the practice of responsibility, respect, equality, perseverance, and environmental protection.


Our Factory

  • 6000m² factory
  • > 40 containers yearly production capacity
  • Average lead time < 120 days
  • Full in-house engineering and manufacturing
  • 100% Made in France
Usine 6000m² containers
Container factory
Laboratory manufacturing facility
Everything is possible

IMeFAB, our new division

IMeFAB is a new division of IMeBIO created to respond to the needs of customers in the industrial world, offering customized solutions to integrate multiple industrial production processes or technological equipment that require a specific environment into a container, guaranteeing process compliance and quality.

The concept can be applied to all scenarios where there is a need to increase production and analytical capacity without waiting for long construction times. 

The mobility concept allows on-site manufacturing and enables the benefits of localized services. 

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