IMeBIO's mobile biosafety product line ranges from Biosecurity Level 1 to 3 allowing to handle and/or inactivate pathogens up to class 3.

  • Laboratories BSL-1/ BSL-2/ BSL-3
  • Animal facilities ABSL-1/ABSL-2/ABSL-3
  • Insectarium ACL-1/ACL-2/ACL-3

Health Care

IMeBIO offers self-sufficient solutions in single or multi-module versions for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, deployable in both urban and rural areas. 

  • Biocontainment intensive care solution.
  • Mobile Rehab-Quarantine Unit.
  • Mobile Veterinary Lab.


IMeBIO, a pioneer in Europe to produce a GMP grade B in a container for Biopharma production 

IMeBIO manufactures GMP and cGMP compliant facilities (Current Good Manufacturing Practice). Our modular cleanrooms are available in multiple configurations to suit a wide variety of cGMP product development applications. Each facility is designed and built to meet or go beyond current Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • CGT 
  • CAR-T 
  • mRNA
  • Vaccine production 

Analytical Lab

IMeBIO's analytical laboratories offer services in the classification, assay, and/or analysis of chemical, material, biological, geological, and environmental samples. As the scope of services offered by individual laboratories varies significantly, most laboratories specialize in one or more areas. IMeBIO can adapt the right working environment to each required scenario where isolation and air purity are mandatory. 



IMeBIO through its business division IMeFAB, develops and produces solid and performing modular solutions, suitable to contain an industrial production process or technological apparatus guaranteeing the conformity of the manufacturing process.

The origin of this new division is part of an approach to meet the needs identified by several industrial stakeholders. Adapting production as precisely as possible, considering economic and geopolitical fluctuations on an international scale, and significantly reducing the environmental impact.