IMeBIO was present with its BSL3 Biological and Chemical laboratory in the 127th National Congress of France firefighters in Marseille.

IMeBIO is glad to have been part of the 127th National Congress of France firefighters in Marseille, through his clients. One of the biggest annual events between firefighters, their national federation, and their governance, which receives more than 10 thousand visitors.

IMeBIO is proud to have worked with BEHM SAS and Marseille's Navy Firefighters Battalion BMPM, specialized in NRBCE (nuclear, radiological, biological, chemical and explosive) risks in the conception and manufacturing of the 1st BSL3 Biological and Chemical Mobile Laboratory in France for civil security, which will allow them to set up as close as possible to the crisis perimeter increasing their reactivity and reliability of results.

IMeBIO is proud to contribute with its technology and expertise to increase the diagnostic capacity worldwide. 

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